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There are a variety of usedcarsforsale in the Charlotte, NC area, however, not every used car dealership can be trusted and even among those that can, not every dealership is willing to offer financing. Car Lot Finance, LLC, offers a free service to people looking to buy cars from the used cars Charlotte NC inventory area. Located in the Charlotte region, Car Lot Finance knows how the local economy works and knows that there are plenty of people out in the area that are hard working, honest, people, but simply cannot pass a credit check for any number of reasons.

As such, Car Lot Finance offers a search engine for dealers that offer usedcarsforsale in the Charlotte region, but also provide what is called “secondary financing”. Most used car lots offer financing, however the financing is actually done through a third party bank which does not care about getting you into a car, only about the risk vs. return on the loan they are willing to give you. Banks are notorious for not wishing to give loans to people with bad or no credit, regardless of how they got that way. In the case of not having credit, it often presents a paradox – without prior credit, one cannot get new credit.

Additionally, many car lots cannot offer financing on their usedcarsforsale to someone with bad credit because the bank will not authorize them to do so. Because secondary financing is offered directly from the auto dealership itself, they can choose to do so regardless of a bank’s underwriters and insistence. Often times the interest rate on a secondary loan will be slightly larger to account for the additional risk, however a loan of any kind is better than not being offered a loan at all.

Also, because the cost of the various usedcarsforsale is lower, the loan itself is often far less expensive and more easily paid off than a traditional loan or a loan on a new car. This means that it is all the more easy to take the steps forwards to owning your own car and having one less bill – and one more positive note on your credit report that indicates you’ve paid a debt.

If you’re looking for a way to repair damaged credit from bankruptcy or prior financial issues, getting a secondary loan from one of these auto dealers is often the best way of doing so – while, at the same time, getting you a vehicle that you can trust to be reliable and get you to and from work so that you can become financially independent again. Car Lot Finance, LLC, is happy to provide this service so that you can find the best used cars for sale in Charlotte, NC! Click here to find a dealer near you.