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Used Car Lots

When travelling to used car lots that sell the inventory for used cars Charlotte NC, then you should make sure that you are getting everything that you are paying for. Buying a car is an incredibly difficult task in the modern economy due to bank issues and their unwillingness to loan. Many car dealerships offer their financing through outside banks that see you only as a credit score and not as a person. Nothing can be more frustrating than finding the car of your dreams, only to discover that you cannot afford it, even with a financed loan.

Car Lot Finance is here to help. By offering a website where you can search for a variety of used car lots that offer financing that works for you, you’ll be able to find that car of your dreams. Many of these ‘buy here pay here’ style lots have an option that is known as ‘secondary financing’. This means that instead of having the loan through an outside bank, it is given from the lot itself – which wants to make sure that you can get in a car and get back on a road. Manned by people who live and work in the NC area, at these car lots you are more than your credit score.

Another benefit of finding used car lots that offer secondary financing is the ability to search for cars and get pre approved for financing without ever leaving your home. Instead of physically ‘pounding the pavement’ all day, you can browse car inventories online and even get pre approved for a loan based solely on your current job situation and income. Your existing credit score is completely irrelevant. Furthermore, because Car Lot Finance offers this as an advertising service for the dealerships, there is no cost to you to search or pre-apply for loan amount s.

Finally, the best benefit of these types of used car lots is the ability to make payments in a variety of fashions. Especially for people who are working to rebuild their credit score, not everyone has a credit card or a stable bank account. Many banks only accept payment via a check or credit card, which can make even physically making a payment difficult. A ‘buy here pay here’ car dealership lets you make payment at the same place you bought your car – and even more, to make the payment in cash.

Start looking today for the car of tomorrow – find the road back to financial independence by browsing these used car lots that Car Lot Finance offers.