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North Carolina Auto Sales: Why Some Brands Are More Popular Than Others

Chalk it up to the weather or social norms, but the most popular car brands vary by state. Indeed, in North Carolina auto sales, some vehicle brands are more popular than others because of the effective advertising, common exposure, and what the locals are saying.


In North Carolina auto sales, the Toyota Camry is the top pick among consumers as of 2012, closely followed by the Ford F-150 and the Chevrolet Silverado 1500.


The Toyota Camry happens to be the best seller in 9 other states, including Florida and Georgia, according to vehicle registrations. In 2013, the mid-sized Toyota Camry was named America’s best-selling car for the 11th year in a row.


Even after Toyota’s recall crisis in 2010, the brand made a successful comeback. With a bolder look, quieter interiors, and more fuel-efficient engines, Camrys began dominating the Southeastern market. Toyota’s formidable brand promise built over years of selling a trustworthy, reliable product served as a safety net for the public relations crisis. Moreover, it is possible that the crisis benefited the brand, helping generate more exposure.


Social psychology tells us that the more someone sees something, the more they will subconsciously begin to like that thing. The correlation comes from our deep psychological need to belong, which means we will sometimes unknowingly strive to own the same things as others. It makes us feel connected and united. Consequently, in an area where many of the same type of car is owned, there is a greater chance of more locals purchasing the same car.


Perhaps this trend influences North Carolina auto sales. However, on a more grassroots marketing level, a brand’s popularity is also influenced by what people are saying about the cars they own. When thinking about purchasing a car, people generally begin playing around with the idea by asking their friends and family about their experiences with their vehicles. Second, they turn to online reviews and safety ratings from accredited studies.


Though the Camry still remains number one, the Honda Accord, Nissan Altima, and Ford Fusion are beginning to climb the popularity ladder. This has prompted dealers to offer more incentives and discounts. In the near future, price may be the determining factor in which vehicles make it on the best-seller list.


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