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North Carolina Auto Dealers

There may be many North Carolina auto dealers, but only Car Lot Finance makes the broadest selection of used cars Charlotte NC vehicles available to all. There are always a number of factors in buying a car, such as the make and model – not to mention if you like it, but one of the most important factors always seems to be – can you afford the payment? After all, it makes no sense to buy the newest car only to have it taken back because of the amazingly high payment.

So, when considering the various North Carolina auto dealers, you should try to find the best one who can offer you a reasonable price on the loan as well as someone who is friendly and helpful. In terms of buying a new car, as opposed to a used one, many economists advice against new cars, because much of the sticker price is related to the car being new, and thus believed to be lasting longer – once the car is driven off the parking lot, however, you lose much of the value because now it is a used car.

Furthermore, many North Carolina auto dealers offer a process known as secondary financing. This lets you get approved for the loan, even if you would not normally be allowed to get the loan based on your credit score. Because the loan is directly from the dealership, there is no outside bank or their underwriters to worry about. So long as you have a job to make the car payments, then you’re pre approved. This allows you to get a car, even if your financial situation is not the strongest, or perhaps even if you are looking to rebuild credit or even establish a first line of credit as a youngster.

Finally, an advantage of the North Carolina auto dealers who offer secondary financing is the ability to make a payment directly in the store. Many banks only want payments to some distant PO Box, and only in check or money order. By being able to make a payment in person, and even in cash, you gain the ability to make sure that the payment arrives on time and completely.

A further thing to consider is if the dealership reports yearly or monthly. If the car lot is reporting monthly that you are making the payments on time, this can lead to an overall improved credit score because the dealership is showing more accurate payments.

For all these reasons and more, Car Lot Finance would like to invite you to browse their selection of North Carolina auto dealers. That's right, we don't just work with dealers from Charlotte, but the surrounding areas as well. For a listing of many of the towns that we cover click here.