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No Credit Check Car Dealers

As long as you have a job, you can get a loan at the various no credit check car dealers. Car Lot Finance LLC offers a variety of options for someone browsing the used cars Charlotte NC area inventory, who might not be able to pass a credit check. Known as ‘secondary financing’, these dealerships offer the loan directly without the involvement of an outside bank; meaning that you never have to worry about a credit check, an underwriter, or being denied. Furthermore, you can find out if you are pre-approved, and for what amount, in about fifteen minutes on Car Lot Finance LLC’s website.

A further benefit of no credit check car dealers is that because they are a ‘buy here pay here’ style of dealership, you can make your payments in person and in cash. Whereas many dealerships require payment to be mailed to some processing center, where – of course – it often gets lost, these types of dealers live and work in your community and understand that some jobs pay in cash or that not everyone has a bank account or credit card.

Additionally, many no credit check car dealers offer a variety of warranty options; so while you are buying a used car, you can still possess some of the comfort and peace of mind that comes with buying a car with a warranty. In many cases, the original warranty will still be valid and can often be transferred with a minimum of fuss and hassle. If not, these dealerships can either offer an extended warranty themselves or put you in touch with reliable and trustworthy source to get that kind of an extension. In either case, you can drive home your new-to-you car with the knowledge that if something breaks or is damaged, you are covered for repairs and replacements within the bounds of that warranty.

Having a car from one of the no credit check car dealers is a wonderful way to repair your credit. Even if you have bad, or no, credit at all – making the payments on your car will show an active line of credit that you are, likewise, actively repaying. This is the first step towards rebuilding or creating a good credit score. Obviously, if there are outstanding debts, this will not solve them – but it is a way to get started back towards having a good credit score and being able to work on other loans or debts.

Take a look today! Car Lot Finance LLC’s search engine offers a wide variety of no credit check car dealers in the Charlotte, NC, area!