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Charlotte Auto Sales

Charlotte auto sales are all over the place, however, that does not mean that the place you are buying from is a good place to get a car. Among the various used cars Charlotte NC inventory, Car Lot Finance offers only the best used cars in the area that caters, specifically, to people who have bad credit. Car Lot Finance understands that sometimes bad things happen to good, hardworking, people and that sometimes you need an extra helping hand to get back on your feet. Most normal used and new car dealerships do not offer that kind of assistance – looking only at the credit score and not the person.

As a leader in Charlotte auto sales for used cars, Car Lot Finance offers a search engine for the person looking for a way to not only help rebuild their credit but also get a car to help their working life. There is no way to rebuild your credit if you cannot get to a job site, and many of the jobs in the Charlotte area just are not within walking distance of the residential areas. This often presents a problem for someone who cannot get a car loan because, without the car, they cannot get to the job in order to pay for the car.

Many of the dealerships that offer Charlotte auto sales pay for hosting through Car Lot Finance’s search engine. This lets them advertise the cars that are available for secondary financing, which is the way in which the dealership can get away from the bank’s underwriters and offer loans for cars regardless. Many public banks have underwriters, whose entire job is checking credit scores to approve or deny loans. Without having to go through an underwriter, the dealership can decide to extend a loan based entirely on your job status.

An additional benefit of using secondary financing for any Charlotte auto sales is that the loan is easier to pay off because the amount of the loan is smaller, even if the interest rate is larger. This lets you pay off the entire loan faster and devote that money towards the payment of other bills. Additionally, many of the ‘buy here pay here’ dealers that offer secondary financing also allow you to make payments in person at the dealership. This is the way you can make sure that the payments arrive on time, every time, which is beneficial to your credit score.

Make the jump today and start looking for the car of your dreams, and one that you can afford to make a reality because of the various Charlotte auto sales.