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Car Loans for Bad Credit

If you are looking for car loans for bad credit, then look no further than Car Lot Finance LLC.  Most banks will not offer a credit line or car loan to people if they have bad credit; their decision is based on the amount of money a person makes, their credit score and history, and the amount of debt that the person already has. This last item is called a ‘debt to income’ ratio and is often a killer for getting a loan on a used car when you are someone with a bad credit score or high debt.

The website for Car Lot Finance LLC offers, for absolutely no money whatsoever, the ability for you to browse a variety of dealerships that offer car loans for bad credit buyers – in as little as fifteen minutes, you could be pre approved to get a used car today. All you need is proof of residence, a stable job, and a down payment; the amount of that down payment varies based on the amount of the car you would like to purchase as well as the amount of loan you get approved for. Because the dealership doesn’t use a bank and their underwriters, they are more able to offer loans for people with bad or no credit score.

An advantage of using a dealership that offers car loans for bad credit is the ability to have a caring, concerned, loan financer. As a ‘buy here pay here’ dealer, these dealerships have options for payment that range from the traditional website payment, to payments over the phone and even in person at the physical ‘brick and mortar’ location. Some dealers even accept payment in cash, allowing you the most opportunity to be able to make payments on your car; contributing both to the eventual ownership of your car, but also towards repairing your credit score.

One of the common misconceptions about used cars Charlotte NC, or places that offer car loans for bad credit is that the cars are junk and will break rapidly. Each car that is offered through Car Lot Finance LLC is inspected and fixed prior to being sold; additionally, many dealerships offer extended warranties for the cars they sell if the car is no longer able to be covered under the original warranty that came with the car.

Everyone these days needs a car; make the jump today and use Car Lot Finance LLC’s search engine to find not only the car you want, but the car that you can afford – let these dealers help you on the road back to a good credit score by offering you car loans for bad credit.