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Used Car Classifieds: NC has a Virtual Online Showroom

As a more interactive option than the newspaper’s car classifieds, NC has an online used car search forum.

North Carolina’s very own has thousands of vehicles being sold by dealers offering great finance rates based on customer needs. It’s like a virtual showroom for used car classifieds. NC is home to several people looking to purchase new and used vehicles. As we slowly break out of the economic recession, we need a way for everyone to be able to shop for vehicles with affordable, customized financing plans that can help rebuild credit.

One of the best features of is that it caters to customers who might have limited financing options due to a poor credit history. Customers can shop for cars from dealers who offer buy here pay here auto financing, which means they handle the loans without the use of a third party financial institution. That’s something customers don’t get to look at when searching through the newspaper’s car classifieds.

NC has an array of used vehicles that now have the opportunity to be seen by shoppers in search of the car of their dreams. Customers can search for their perfect car by entering in their desired down payment, monthly payment, or both! Customers can also search based on their desired vehicle’s make and model, vehicle type, or dealer location by typing in a zip code. promises an easy approval process on car lot financing on thousands of vehicles for any budget. Instead of displaying the total cost of the vehicle, search results show vehicle prices by down payment and monthly payment. The website does the math for you, making your search process easy and efficient.

When selecting a vehicle for a closer look, the customer can see important vehicle details like the year, mileage, vehicle identification number, and any special features. Images of the vehicle are displayed in a slideshow format with clickable thumbnails for easy viewing. The side panel of the page shows information about the dealer who is selling the vehicle and gives the customer the option to make an inquiry. The short inquiry form asks for a few important details like your name, contact information, and monthly income. If you aren’t comfortable filling out the inquiry form, the dealer’s contact information and website are listed so that you may research in your own way.

Below the selected vehicle, the website also lists similar vehicles being sold by the same dealer to help you compare. To help keep you organized, the website allows you to save and share the vehicles you find through social media and email. The new, customized car shopping experience is here, and you no longer have to bother flipping through pages of the newspaper’s car classifieds. NC residents now have a more convenient way to shop for used cars in Charlotte NC.


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