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Buy here pay here car dealerships are the absolute best option for disabled Americans who need to find a way of getting a new car without the ability to rely on their credit score. Often a disabled person is one of the hardest workers around, filled with discipline and a desire to work; however, because of the situation that caused their disability, they often do not have the best credit scores to allow them to borrow money and buy a car. Car Lot Finance LLC recognized that Americans with Disabilities, as well as US Veterans, have both the desire and ability to work; and often just need some help to be able to get there.

The Search Engine at Car Lot Finance LLC’s website offers the best collection of used cars Charlotte NC area around; each of them being buy here pay here car dealerships. Many car dealerships, be they a used car dealer or a brand name new car dealer, have contracts with various banking institutions that offer the actual loans and financing. This means that in order to get approved for a loan, your credit score must be good enough to pass through that particular bank’s underwriters, who are often in another state and have no additional information besides a name and Social Security Number.

With buy here pay here car dealerships, they know who you are. This is because the people are you are speaking to at the dealership are the ones who are offering you the loan; they can take into account that sometimes things occur in life and credit scores suffer; but without a helping hand, no one can get back on their financial feet. The dealers, known as Secondary Financers, can take into account that a Disabled American really just wants to get back to work or honor the service that a prior veteran has given the country.

Because buy here pay here car dealerships are right in your neighborhood, they are staffed by friendly people who know you – and moreover, as you pay for the car, people who can make sure you’re staying on that road to fiscal freedom. Most, if not all, secondary financing dealerships allow payments to be made in person and in cash, meaning that no matter how a job is paying you, you have the ability to work towards a dream of owning your car outright.

Car Lot Finance LLC offers this service for free; the dealerships themselves pay to advertise their inventory, meaning that taking a look through the available options of used cars is as simple as a few clicks away. Find the very best buy here pay here car dealerships today!