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Used Car Dealers Outside of Charlotte NC

There are many, many cities which make up the outlying areas of Charlotte NC which offer some fantastic car shopping experiences.

Within a 20-30 minute car ride of Charlotte the following cities will be within your grasp:

·         Concord NC

·         Kannapolis NC

·         Salisbury NC

·         Monroe NC

·         Matthews NC

·         Gastonia NC

·         Fort Mill SC

·         Belmont NC

·         Mooresville NC

·         Harrisburg NC

·         Statesville NC

·         Bessemer City NC

·         Huntersville NC

·         Mt Holly NC

·         Cornelius NC

·         Pineville NC

I am sure you will not be surprised to hear that these towns and cities around Charlotte often have lower overheads than their counterparts within the city limits of Charlotte. As a result, they can often offer more competitive pricing when it comes to shopping for a used car in the Charlotte market.

Used Car dealers can often be a daunting prospect when you are not used to dealing with them or trying to find the best deal. This, being honest is a misconception and I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised by the experience you will have at either a ‘Buy Here Pay Here dealer’ or a regular ‘Used Car dealer’ within the cities mentioned above. With the rise of the internet as a forum to complain about bad experiences, these used car dealers are more keen than ever before to be honest and up front about the vehicles which they have on their lots. Their reputation and their ability to grow their business is based on past customer experiences.


Please do remember however, that the days of being able to pick up a reasonable used car for less than $7,000 are gone for now! Much of this is due to the ‘Cash For Clunkers’ program which the government brought in a number of years ago. It was designed to boost the economy and take vehicles out of circulation which were bad for the environment – what is really did was temporarily boost new car sales and remove thousands and thousands of good quality used cars from circulation forever. This is why we now see such a shortage of good quality vehicles at the bottom of the price range…simply put, they were destroyed!