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Sensible Car Buying

I’ve always been a car guy. From when I was a baby my fathers influence instilled a great respect and level of interest of things that move on four wheels. It doesn’t matter if it has a V10, V8, I6 or a tiny four pot or even a three-wheeler, if it is slightly different from the ‘run of the mill’ stuff, it has my attention.


Fast-forward from being a diaper wearing petrol head, to being a gray haired car nut. My interest levels certainly hasn’t waned in the slightest, but sometimes my head gets to rule the roost, especially when it comes to finding a used car for the family to travel round in. It is here that my head and heart enter into battle. Like the devil and the angel sitting on my shoulders whispering a mixture of good and bad advice into my ears, spinning my mind from sensible, practical family saloons to that V8 swapped Ford Focus I just spotted on Craigslist.


Needless to say, my head usually wins this argument as the thought of getting stuck at the side of the road with my toddler, wife and dog all waiting for me to find the electrical gremlin in a car which possesses way more BHP than it has any right to, isn’t overly appealing. The days of sourcing cars that check all the boxes in the driving department, has now given way to buying cars that check all the boxes of the sensible department.


During my last car swap I went from a RWD, stick shift convertible with sporting aspirations, to a highly practical front drive wagon with plenty of room for baby, dog and the incredible amount of ‘stuff’ that little people require when travelling. Well, to be honest, the wife actually requires, ‘just incase’. I often wonder if she is actually worried that the house will burn down while we are gone and she is preparing for the worst by bringing everything she could possibly need, if we had to stay in a hotel for three months.


I am not the biggest fan of SUV’s. I can see why they are so popular, but I have always been rather disturbed by the lack of actual useable space in all but the largest on the market. It is rare that you get into one and find that the seats in the back are actually comfortable, unless we move to third row seating with captains chairs in the middle. I have no doubt that captains chairs are very comfortable, but they aren’t much used for dealing with a baby when it needs fed or soothed. The amount of headroom has always surprised me as well; we have these giant vehicles with tight headroom for even someone of my stature. To summarize, I don’t like SUV”s so they were off my list as a practical car.


Minivans! No. Just no. I’m not going down that route; I haven’t given up quite yet.


So a wagon it was. If I wanted to leave the dog at home I wouldn’t need one, but he travels with us often and the thought of him slobbering all over the baby while she pulls his whiskers is funny, unless you are my wife.


Now if I were in Europe I would have a massive selection of Wagons to choose from, I could even buy a diesel wagon only sip fuel and save you thousands of $ per year on fuel costs. But I’m not in Europe, America doesn’t really like the diesel yet and the selection is pretty pathetic when it comes to viable options to choose from. With those variables in mind it rather turns into a case of choosing the best of a bad bunch! You have the usual suspects, Volvo, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Mazda, Subaru, Lexus and VW. That doesn’t sound like a bad little collection, until you start to look at the actual number of them that are available, within the correct price bracket and not on the other side of the country. So that will be slim pickings when it comes to finding a used wagon in Charlotte.


What I am really saying here is that being a car nut can be hard. Trying to purchase a vehicle, which your head approves of, but at least gives a little to the heart, can be very challenging indeed. I think it is called being an adult…doing what you know is right and not buying what your heart desires at the cost of all things practical.


Used car buying decisions can often be hard. Trying to buy a used car with little or no credit can be even more difficult.  The whole idea behind was trying to show people what they could actually afford based in their financial situation. Empowering them to see what is available and acting as an information center to ensure that they are getting the most out of their available money.


Over the course of the next few months we are going to be changing up our information center to become a true resource center for used car buyers across the country. We are more than aware that bad things happen to good people and many of us have seen our credit scores slip dramatically over the last 6 years. We not only want to be in a position to be able to help you to find another used car, but it would be great to be able to offer easy to use advice on how to repair your credit and get back on track.


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