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No Credit Check Car Dealers in Charlotte NC

No credit check car dealers are often called buy here pay here dealers and in the greater Charlotte market there are over 200 such dealers who are willing to work with your past credit issues. 


Traditional car dealers will look to outside lenders to be able to finance a vehicle on your behalf. They will traditionally look to banks, credit unions or financing from the auto manufacturers themselves. The difference with the 'Buy Here Pay Here Dealers' is that you will actually finance your vehicle with your local car dealership. 


They are sometimes referred to as 'No Credit Check Car Dealerships' as they will not make a lending decission soley based on your credit score. What they will look at is your general stability and will analyze your credit commitments as they stand at the moment. Your recent payments to your lenders will help them decide on how much that they are willing to finance you for. If you have been making regular payments to your lenders, even though you have a very low credit score, they will take this into account as they appreicate that bad things happen to good people! 


The phrase 'Your Job is Your Credit' is often associated with car dealerships like these. It is relevant to the industry as they will look closely at your employment history, which they will also look to verify. The longer you have been in your job, the lower the payment terms they are likely to offer you. Again, if you have lived at your current address for a long period of time they are likely to view this as positive as it shows stability.


Deposits are always going to play a large factor in which car or truck you will be able to afford when you are shopping at a buy here pay here dealership. The larger your down payment you can put down, the more vehicle you will be able to afford. Also, paying a larger down payment on a cheaper vehicle may allow you to pay that vehicle off in a shorter time frame, imporving your credit as you go.


It is always worth asking the dealerhip if they report your timely payments to the credit burea. This will help you in not only the short term, but also the long term. 


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