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There are a large number of terms which potential car buyers will type into a search engine when they are looking for a used vehicle. Depending on how, where and when the searcher was brought up will depend on the words, or terms which they might use.

Many of us are conditioned to think about ‘Used Autos’ from our exposure to, or ‘Used Cars’ from Their advertising $ have had a larger impact on your mind than you may think!

Others are more likely to be very, very specific with the search terms which they might use and search for things like:

·         Auto Sales Charlotte NC

·         500 down payment car dealer

·         $500 down cars Charlotte NC

·         Bad Credit Car Dealership NC

·         Buy Here Pay Here Rock Hill SC

·         Crown Auto Sales

·         Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots

·         Car lots in Charlotte NC

·         Cheap Used Cars

The terms above are some of the more popular ways which someone might come across Of course, there is the other end of the scale where we find our website appearing for things which are barely related to our site at all. A few of those might be:

·         1n4ba41e36c834431 (A Vin Number) 

·         Car Lot name Ideas  

·         Ford Motor Credit Payee Address

·         Magnum Paying

We try to keep our website as relevant as we can and use consistent language to help the search engines decide which search terms are relevant so they send us relevant traffic. This not only helps the users of the internet, but also makes using a little more straightforward!


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