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Buying a Used Car in Charlotte NC

While I was on the way into work this morning in Charlotte NC, I noticed no less than two cars and one SUV with blown shock absorbers bouncing their way down the road. 

It always makes me wonder if these people have any idea how unsafe their vehicle is with at least one of the tires making contact with the road about two thirds less of the time than normal. 

When you buy a used car, or SUV, or truck, from a used car dealership in Charlotte NC you can be sure that the dealer has gone through the used vehicle to make sure that it is fit to be driven for the next 10-20,000 miles. Having piece of mind that your used car is safe to carry your family around is something which is of great concern to not only the Charlotte Car Dealership, but also the new owner of the vehicle. 

Just to clarify, when your shock absorbers are well past their best they no longer keep the car tire on the road. When the wheel goes over a bump in the road the wheel continues to bounce up and down as nothing is cancelling out the work of the spring. So, imagine trying to perform an emergency manouver with one of your tires not in full contact with the road? Yeah, not good! Shock absorbers are relatively cheap to replace and last a long time, that is the good news!

Any auto dealership in Charlotte will look at your used car in an objective way if you are looking to trade your vehicle in against a newer, better maintained car. They can judge quickly what needs to be replaced and that cost which go along with making that used car safe, once again. Now, depending on the type of dealership, be it Buy Here Pay Here, traditional used car dealer, franchise dealer or used car superstore, will depend on the type of deal that the dealer is willing to offer you. If you are looking to finance your vehicle on the dealers lot you are likely to get a better deal on your next ride if the title is clear and in your hand. In other situations if you are looking to get a traditional auto loan even though you have bad credit, the dealership is more than likely to offer you less for your existing vehicle. These are things to remember when you are shopping for your next used car in Charlotte NC.