Car Lot Finance

Buy Here Pay Here In Charlotte NC

Over the course of the last six years I have had the pleasure of working with many of the Buy Here Pay Here dealers in Charlotte NC. 

Coming from a country which doesn't offer this type of financing, I was immeditately intrigued by this niche in the used car industry. Dealers who were willing to finance customers directly was a very foreign concept indeed, one which I am sure many other countries would benefit from. 

Where I come from if your credit is less than perfect, the options available to you are few and far between. In fact, they are so limited that you are pretty much left to purchase an entire vehicle for the same price that a buy here pay here dealer is willing to take for a down payment in Charlotte NC. $500 - $1500 really doesn't buy you much of a used car in any first world country, and regardless of what you get, it is going to be one problem after another. 

So, arriving in America and seeing what the buy here pay here dealers were offering to its customers was mind boggling. Bad things happen to good people and a credit score can be so easily damaged, but be so difficult to rebuild. After the recent years of a difficult economy, I am sure more people than ever will agree with that. 

If you do have damaged credit, being able to visit a buy here pay here car lot in Charlotte NC is a fantastic option. Buying a used car can always be a challenge, however I know from personal experience that many of the buy here pay here car lots in Charlotte NC will actually report your timely payments to the credit bureau's and actually improve your score over time.


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