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Build Your Credit with On-Lot Financing

Having been born and raised in London, England where public transportation and gridlock are king, it was quite a shock to move to Charlotte, NC where the car rules. It is a dirty little secret that even though I’ve been involved with the automotive and used car industries ever since I moved to America, at the beginning I couldn’t even drive!

It didn’t take me long to realise I would need a car and only a little longer to realise it would be a used one.  It is extremely difficult to get a loan with no credit, which is something that immigrants and young people face all the time. Lots of people circumvent this by having a parent co-sign, but lots more do not have that option, this is where Buy Here Pay Here comes in.

It is vital to borrow and repay money on time or ahead of schedule to massage your Credit Score, having no credit can be as bad as having bad credit in terms of getting a loan and one way to rectify those problems relatively quickly is a Buy Here Pay Here auto loan. Some dealers, like Crown Auto Sales and Finance who are featured on our site will report your payments to the credit bureau, and with the length of the loan being reasonably short and the amount higher than you could expect from a credit card, especially with restrictions in place for the credit card industry since the financial crisis, a Buy Here Pay Here Auto Loan can be the quickest and easiest way to both get a car and build that all important credit score.

The On-Lot Financing community of Used Car dealers are experts in dealing with all kinds of credit issues, and are here to help resolve them. So if you need a little help rebuilding or establishing your credit then look nor further than You can shop multiple Used Car Dealers at one time from the comfort of your living room.